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Can I refile my own provisional patent that has lapsed due to delay in responding to USPTO?

There was some issue with my provisional patent filing and the time given by USPTO to respond has lapsed. So, could I refile the patent as a NEW provisional patent filing under the SAME title 3 months ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do I withdraw PCT application and refile later?

I have PCT and non-provisional US patent applications filed on the same invention. I will have to withdraw and later refile the PCT application due to inability to pay the filing fees at this time. ...
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1 answer

Can the claims of an NPA from multiple PPAs retain the priority of their respective PPA filing dates?

If I wanted to file an NPA which included content from 2 different PPA's filed on different days ... then will the entire patent only be able to claim the priority of the most recent PPA? Or will ...
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