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How to know primary CPC in a patent export?

I use for all my patent reading and sometimes research. I was trying to export a collection and while Lens provides all the important data, I am facing some issues with the CPC column. I am ...
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How does the corporate world of R&D view independant inventors?

I have been working for 4 years as an independant inventor focused primarily on two patent families. Some are granted in those families. However I am finding it very difficult to successfully license. ...
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Is it legal to compare a patented technology algorithm with a non-patented algorithm

I am curious is it legal to compare performance of a patented algorithm with a non-patented algorithm? I guess it would be because it is purely non-commercial and educational even if that kind of ...
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Do slow or difficult USPTO patent examiners frustrate companies to the extent that they reduce research and development?

The answer likely depends on 1) to what extent the firms rely on patenting, and 2) whether the firm can get around difficult examiners/art units. Please provide anecdotal examples or experiences, if ...
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Commercializing a published research paper without the permission of author?

Is is possible for any to commercialize my published research paper once it is published in a renowned journal, I haven't applied for the patent? I know that once you are published, the knowledge ...
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Can i import and sell a product in my country, that is patented and also manufactured from china?

I wonder if i can import and sell a product which is patented in another country (China) but sell it in my own land (Netherlands). There are no registrations from it in european lands. I have searched ...
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Free Patent research sites vs fee based ones

Google Patents or Patent Lens, among others, offer the possibility of researching patents for free. How can fee-based patent research sites compete against these? What extra benefits do they have ...
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Using patents for research

A patent gives the holder right to prevent others from using it for commercial purposes. Can he prevent others from using it for research purposes? Answer it for US, Europe and India, if answer ...
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Finding a Patent of My Great Grandfather

I recently found out my Great Grandfather was an inventor and could possibly have received a patent. I am looking for genealogical reasons. How can I find it? I would date back to the later part of ...
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How do I find the previous or alternate names of a company?

I would like to search for the previous or alternate names that a US-based company uses or has used in the past. Where would I find the name history of a company? I would like to perform this search ...
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Is it possible that i will disclose my idea through searching existing patents or using search engines?

Some ideas are very specific and i am wondering if just the search itself for an idea (i.e. internet search engine or Google Patent Search) would potentially disclose to others the idea? Would ...
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Where/how can I find the reason for a rejected patent?

When searching information regarding a specific patent, I am often interested in information on its status, e.g. has it entered national phase in some countries, was it granted or rejected, etc. I ...
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How can I get a translation of patents

I'm making a research about some Patents, but i need them in German language! How i can get the translation of the Patents?
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Regarding Resistance SPOT WELDING OF Nickel 0.2mm to Al of 1mm by precision spot welding machine [closed]

Sir, I want to weld 0.2mm Nickel to 1 mm of Al by overlapping welding by resistance spot welding of Precision micro welding machine for Li ion battery application. so, pl suggest me some welding ...
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How can an academic lab explore RPA?

In reference to the patent: US 9,057,097 B2 Much of this technique was described previously in Piepenburg et al. (PLoS ONE, 2006). Can academic labs explore this approach using the method described ...
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How do I find patents citing a certain article?

How do I find all patents citing a certain article using the Derwent Innovations Index / Web of Science?
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Can I build a new research methodology or application that leverages an existing research methodology?

I would like to leverage an existing (and patented) research methodology, but use it in a different way. The current patented methodology relies on a specific process of humans prescribing assignments ...
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Patent granted in 2009 on published research results in 2003

I'm a researcher doing work in Information Retrieval. One of the papers I stumbled upon was this: Andrei Z. Broder, David Carmel, Michael Herscovici, Aya Soffer, Jason Y. Zien: Efficient query ...
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Looking for information about an old Patent

I am researching the mechanical development of tools used by Fisheries in the Bristol Bay area. I'm in possession of a tool marked, "OKILL'S PATENT PRESSURE INDICATOR, NEW TYPE PATENT No. 144034. ...
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Why are the assignors of a patent not necessarily identical with previous assignees?

When I researched the assignment history of a patent I found one assignment (from assignor A to assignee B) and a later assignment (from assignor B and C to assignee D). Where does C come from?
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