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Any reliable free resource to check the patent expiration of a particular drug?

Is there any database that is reliable and free preferably (though if academic access is needed, I can check that), to check when a particular drug patent expires?
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How can I import all the patents and patent applications on which I am listed as a co-inventor into my ORCID profile at once?

I am listed as a co-inventor on a few patents. The Lens has an option to import a given patent from Lens into my ORCID profile: However one has to do it manually for each patent and patent ...
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Are patent applications publicly available?

Are patent applications of pending patents publicly available? If so, can they be download somewhere?
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How can I make certain that prior art I find for submission is "good prior art"?

I see on many threads here references to there being prior art, and then "good" prior art. After searching at length through many threads on this site, and even turning to the internet at large and ...
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