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Understanding search report

Following the great advice of @George White, i went on and checked patents against the PUBLIC PAIR database, to understand the flow between the applicant and the examiner, as well as the uk equivalent....
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In non-final office action, how to handle previously withdrawn claims?

Assume in a response to examiner's restriction requirement, an applicant elected Claim 1 and withdrew Claim 2 without traverse. Then in the following non-final office action, what should the ...
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After a non-final rejection how can I respond with a traversal?

So far I've always responded to non-final rejections with an amendment and arguments/remarks, so I've filed "Amendment/Req. Reconsideration-After Non-Final Reject" together with "Claims" and "...
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How would I go about abandoning this patent application?

I filed a patent application as a pro se inventor and I've now received an office action. Between the filing date of the application and now, I've discovered that I don't have a need for this patent ...
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model about Formal format reply after examiner's amendment

I have received a Notice of Allowability for claims contained in an examiner's amendment, but I don't know the formal format to reply. I would be very grateful if someone can provide an example. Thank ...'s user avatar
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Just got an extended European search report with Unity rejection, how can I do to argue with the Examiner?

Just got an extended European search report with Unity rejection, stating that the the application does not meet the requirement of unity according to Article 82 EPC, the reason being as follows: ...
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Response to Notice to file corrected application papers

An applicant has been asked to submit a substitute specification in compliance with 37 CFR 1.52, 1.121(b)(3) and 1.125. The amendments are made to brief description of drawings, detailed description ...
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