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How could "mentioning any problems with the prior art that are not already known" limit the claims of my invention?

Reading through the book "Patent it Yourself", I come across this from "Inventor's Commandment 10": Your patent application should not contain any statements that the courts could ...
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2 votes
1 answer

When can an examiner dismiss two independent claims if just one is allowable?

If a patent examiner tries to force a restriction on 1 of 2 independent claims, and the applicant elects to tie them together as obviously connected, is it legal for the examiner to dismiss both if he ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Similar Patents, Sweeping Claims

I have an Idea/Potential Patent, but someone else has a similar patent out. Our inventions are substantially different in design. One of their claims is very very general and seems to exclude an ...
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How to proceed with claims restriction/election

I've received a letter from USPTO telling that the patent application contains two distinct groups of claims: 1-13, and 14. The examiner marked all 14 claims as "restricted", and now I'm unsure how to ...
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