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Keep application secret

Is there a way to keep an invention patent application unpublished in the US? If yes, for how long and can one get a search report while keeping the invention secret? Afaik in Europe the only way ...
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1 vote
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Are reinventions patentable?

Suppose company A invented X, but kept it a trade secret. If then company B reinvents X, either using reverse engineering, or completely independently, can company B patent it, and if so, can company ...
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Which is better, to patent or keep secret

If I publish my trade secrets in a patent, surely it will be copied and the cost of litigation will be on me. Microsoft is a good example of a patent vampire. I did look into registering a US patent ...
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Keep an embodiment of a technology as trade secret

I filed a patent disclosing an innovative product that uses a certain technology. The claims are on the product features, then I describe multiple embodiments of the technology that can enable those ...
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