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I currently have the patent for the digit bandage and am wanting to sell it

I have the patent of the digit bandage. My grandfather was William casey Jr. I would like to sell the patent
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Simple Soccer Algorithm with positive ROI

I developed a simple algorithm that works at providing an effective positive roi in the long run in the field of soccer betting, not differing much from the one computed theoretically. I am now ...
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Selling customers product

Have been making a product for a customer that owns the patent on the finished good. They have not been paying their bills and may go into bankruptcy. Can I sell the completed product that is in stock ...
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Can I sell in Canada a product patented United States?

Can I sell in Canada a product patented the United States? Can I sell in Canada a product patented in the United States? How can I know the united States Patent has registered an international ...
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Can I sell a product that uses patented components?

I would like to sell a product that uses a device that is currently under patent. If I buy the device from the company and screw it onto my product, (which does something unrelated), can I sell it?
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Product is made in Europe, can I sell it in US where similar patents already exist?

Our idea achieving same results and it's basically the same thing, but it's slightly different system used and the way is installed. On the top of that, I see other companies doing same thing, how ...
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Protections for selling a business idea

Which protections is needed to be bought for a business idea? I like to sell it to a European citizen (of Course, for starting it in that country) and I am from a non-EU country.
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Avoiding Declaratory Judgment When Sending Licensing/Cease&Desist Letters

I understand that if I send letters to companies asking if they want to license my patent, I risk a company seeking a declaratory judgment against me. Instead of licensing my patent, if I want to ...
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