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Simple Soccer Algorithm with positive ROI

I developed a simple algorithm that works at providing an effective positive roi in the long run in the field of soccer betting, not differing much from the one computed theoretically. I am now ...
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Is there a place to get an appraisal for a patent that is intended to be sold or licensed out?

I am estimating that it'll cost me $5,000-$10,000 to get a patent on my invention. The invention is a piece of manufactured textile wearable fitness garment. If it is sold on Amazon, I'd estimate it ...
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Is it possible to sell a patent that already has been in production?

I hold a current Utlity Patent on a children’s product with 8 years left before expiring. How do you go about selling? Thanks Lisa
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Sell patents from patent family to different buyers?

I have filed a Continuation, that focuses on a totally different aspect of the invention, and, if and when granted, expect the Continuation patent to be worth more than the original patent. Assuming ...
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Where can I sell my patent ? Is there a free website? [closed]

As the title. Where can I sell my patent ? Is there a free website ? I searched around, but nothing found.
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