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Are text and images in the patent copyrighted?

Sometimes, during a patent research, I found patents which comprise one or more similar images and/or text paragraphs. Are text and images in the patent copyrighted? Does any 3rd party, other than ...
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What are the risks of writing a patent specification without an attorney?

I'm working on a prototype for my invention. My situation is that I can't afford a patent attorney at the moment. So my plan is to file a specification for the invention myself, no claims yet. Then ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can I copy texts from other applications into my application?

I'm a "micro entity" and I'm considering patenting my idea myself. I know that the language of the patent application is very special, eg. no limiting language should be used. In some patent ...
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Risks of "kitchen sink" disclosures?

It is common practice when writing specifications to disclose a broad range of possible embodiments "just to be safe", and without much thought to how such embodiments might be realized in ...
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Should I use "subembodiments" or still "embodiments"?

Suppose I have a novel device that requires an A and a B. I can describe variations of an A, so A1, A2, A3, and with figures. Same for the B variations. In the detailed spec when describing variations,...
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