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Can the invention of a sport be patented?

If one was to combine two different variations of sport in a manner that has not been done before, can this new hybrid sport be patented?
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Can I patent a sports prediction model?

I've developed a highly profitable basketball prediction model. Thing is, I don't live in a place where gambling is legal (lame). My real question is: how can I capitalize on the model without ...
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Patenting a game idea in India

I am having an idea related with a game, and I'd like to get it patented. I am a resident from India. If I patent this gaming idea in my country, would it be valid in an international level, so that ...
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The Patent For " Molded Sports Board" Patent # EP1745909 A2

My question is for the Molded sports board by Inventor Wah Kan Cheung (Kenneth) I simply want to manufacture a Snow Sled such as one on this Image page:
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