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difference between claiming a software invention as a method, apparatus, or system?

I see many software patents that essentially have multiple repeated claims claiming the same thing but in the form of a method, then system, and then apparatus. What the difference between claiming a ...
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can any patent attorney draft a good software patent?

I am trying to determine if a patent attorney truly needs to know anything about computers or software at all to write a good software patent? The way I see it, all software is a method or a system? ...
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I'm looking to patent a new SaaS Education System. Processes and structure are very different from the traditional system

I am aware that I cannot disclose key information about the system/business model but I would only need to know if there is record of previous education systems being patented. It isn't just a ...
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What is a method, what is a system, and what are the differences?

Very strange but I have researched this all over the web and so far have found no answer to this question. I even asked the law firm that is writing my patent application and they have hedged on the ...
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Should i patent my invention as a system OR patent the components of this system?

I am about to apply for a patent. The invention is an advertising sign. It consists of four components that when assembled, create a frame, in which an advertising media/medium is inserted into. ...
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Is it an apparatus or a system?

Imagine that I have a device that gets inserted into a car engine to speed up the car. It consists of 3 parts that are connected via tubes. Is it an apparatus that gets inserted into a system (the car ...
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1 answer

Forming a System Claim: Am I on the Right Track?

I'm writing a system claim, and I'd like to get some feedback on an obfuscated version of it. Please don't reserve your criticism! I'm interested in learning from the best. Why am I off base? Why am I ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Software Patents: Claiming as a METHOD vs as a SYSTEM?

Software patents could be described in claims as methods or as systems. One cannot claim damages for infringement of METHODS until the method is used (e.g. when the software is run). But, one can ...
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Turning an existing description of a system into a description of a method

This question is a continuation on the results of Detailed description of a system to suit system and method claims. Notice too I'm the guy of What are the risks of writing a patent specification ...
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