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US patent class 455: telecommunications

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Caller ID Selection (NobelBiz) - Allowed Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

An over-broad, ALLOWED patent attempting to patent all dynamic selection of caller id's when used in any-type of call center. QUESTION Have you seen anything published prior October 20, 2005 ...
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Prior Art for Method And System For Improved Network Maintence Scheduling

Application # 20120173688 Primary Filing Category-Telecommunications-455 The system is designed to coordinate planned maintenance on a network in order to prevent collisions and duplicated work ...
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Patent Application 20120173688

What's novel about Patent Application US 20120173688 ? Is there prior art?
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Any idea why US Patent 6,839,541 is heavily cited by MISONIMO CHI ACQUISITIONS L.L.C.?

Was looking at the subject US patent 6,839,541 and see that a company called MISONIMO CHI ACQUISITIONS L.L.C. heavily cites this patent, but I cannot find out what this citing company MISONIMO CHI ...
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How can someone patent data mining?

This patent us7930197 says data mining of personal data is patented. Looks like patent officers weren't aware of data mining's huge overreach.
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Could I patent a robust communication protocol (aka Morse code)?

If so, how would I do so? And why would patent law allow it?
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Will be software implementation of international standard, published under GPL, a patent infringement?

There are a lot of different standards in Telecommunication area, which based on patents created, by telecom corporations. For example, there is a technology LTE - standard for high-speed wireless ...
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Microsoft have submitted a patent for a whack to silence a phone ringer. How similar does prior art have to be?

Microsoft has filed for a patent on a new technique that allow users of mobile devices to silence them by delivering a firm whack. From The Register: Patent application 20120231838, aka CONTROLLING ...
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