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For what reasons might a patent issuance be delayed after the issue fee is paid?

I filed two applications last year in February. Both have been allowed, by different examiners. I received a notice of allowance on the first one three weeks after payment of the issue fee, and it ...
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Approximate Time for USPTO actions

My query is i. Approximate time taken by USPTO to issue patent after payment of issue fee. ii. For payment of first maintenance fee, 3.5 years period is counted from date of grant or from priority ...
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Does a patented product have to be produced to be enforced?

In reference to the patent: US20080229509 Is there a date where the product would have to be on the market or otherwise they would lose their entitlement to the patent?
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Cheapest way to extend the time of provisional patent application

I am a Australian sole inventor who has filed a US provisional patent application with another attorney last year in June. I'm coming close to the time where my 12 month period is going to expire (...
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What MUST be included in US non-provisional and PCT first filing, what can be added in amendments?

Writing the applications on my own, five weeks until the one year on my US provisional runs out. Asking what must absolutely be included in the US non-provisional/regular patent and PCT applications. ...
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