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Late non provisional submission in the US!

I submitted a provisional on 8/19/21 and had a few hiccups these past few weeks having me finishing up final touches on the last day to submit my non provisional patent. I had technical issues with ...
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Does obtaining a timestamp for a description affect future attempts to patent it?

Allow me to ask four variants of this question in order to try and make clear what the point is. I will also answer each of them according to my current understanding, which I seek to find out if is ...
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What does it mean for long time waiting for a Application?

You can find the following patent is filed on 2007, however, till now, it has not been approved. Does it means this application will not be granted? or what does it mean? Thanks.
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Prior Art US 20130177891 A1

Audio-visual learning system US 20130177891 A1 Filing date: July 2, 2012 I am searching for Prior Art on the application listed above. Below is prior art that I am aware of. The claims in patent ...
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