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Is it more difficult and/or costly to reopen an application if abandoned after a 1st OA rejection, or after a final rejection in the 2nd OA?

I have an open application with a first OA rejection, which of course is typical. My only intention with this application is to have an open, potentially modifiable application associated with granted ...
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How long until the next office action (after a response has been submitted)?

The first office action was received about four months ago, and we submitted a response to the action just a couple of days ago. What is the maximum time until we hear back from the patent office (...
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What is the new time limit for reviving an abandoned patent application? Any case law?

Here it is stated that due to recent rule changes at the USPTO, patents may now be revived even after a two year period: Is an expired patent in the public domain? George - just for edification, ...
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