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When/how to change the title of an application at the international stage?

A US provisional was filed, then a non-provisional and PCT were filed within 1-year of the provisional. The non-provisional and the PCT applications include a typographical error in the title. The non-...
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Should a patent title be very narrow or very broad, or does it not matter?

I'm looking at USPTO patents. I see patent titles that are very broad, e.g. Mobile surveillance, Data privacy, and Location-aware services and I see patent titles that are very narrow, e.g. ...
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Wording of patent titles: "Using the Same"

I have a question about how best to organize (rewrite) the titles of some patents that have been translated from Japanese, probably using machine translation. This is part of the translation of a ...
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Are patents titles required to be unique?

Are patents titles required to be unique, as for instance required for websites addresses? Take as an example the UK patent description for a patent, and suppose that a patent with title "Bicycle ...
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Cross-Reference to Related Applicaitons

(B) Cross-Reference to Related Applications: (See 37 CFR 1.78 and MPEP Section 200.) If this patent is related to other patents, or based on earlier-filed US applications, it will be stated right ...
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Meaning of "SAME" in the title of patent

Encountered multiple times, that title of patent has "...SAME" in the end. Tried searching, but you know Google (and SO), it only shows Q&A related to same patents. I.E. https://worldwide....
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What does the title "Assigm" mean? Is it a typo? [duplicate]

In reference to the patent: US383746 In the drawing and description it refers to the item as a "Lubricator", but the title of the patent is shown as "Assigm".
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US38119 Patent Title

I would like to know where the title "improvement in drill-bit" came from in US38119, the applicant or the USPTO. Nowhere in the text does the applicant refer to the device as a drill-bit.
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