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Can you copyright a trade secret? [closed]

1.Trade Secrets Protections for confidential information such as formula, method, device, machine, compilation of facts or any information that is confidential and gives a business an advantage. ...
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Is it possible for patents to have trade secrets?

Is it possible to omit miscellanous or detailed mechanisms which directly depend on the main mechanism of an invention from a patent. e.g. say A is the main mechanism for an invention, B mechanism ...
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What are the legal rights and royalties based on a recipe?

If someone (person D) taught said (person S) a recipe to make something and they have since used the recipe and came out with a product. Does the person D who taught them the recipe have any rights, ...
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Are reinventions patentable?

Suppose company A invented X, but kept it a trade secret. If then company B reinvents X, either using reverse engineering, or completely independently, can company B patent it, and if so, can company ...
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So Called "infringement" on their patent

If a company is thinking that you infringed on their patented chemical formula with your Trade Secret chemical formula and sends you a "cease and desist" letter what choices do I have? Especially if I ...
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