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How can I find patent number 2208003.0?

I am interested in selling a product but an other seller (on their website) claims that this product is patented. I have contacted the seller and he says "Our patent number is 2208003.0. This is ...
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Phenacetin as registered trade name

Phenacetin [acetophenetidin] was patented by Bayer in 1889 [US 400,086] - the only country to award this chemical a patent; the name was a trade name in most countries, and its use as a generic term ...
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Is the trademark search feature on ( accurate?

My question refers to a search I performed regarding the ownership of the motto, "WHEN YOU'RE HERE, YOU'RE FAMILY" that was at least at one time the motto of Olive Garden restaurants. The part that ...
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TM class for goods and registration

I just look up the term harmonized in TM class what does it stand for? I have included the images in which the term "harmonised", "harm", "nice", "idle" and "msg". please help me to define it.
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Can I apply for a patent and a trademark in the same application?

When filing a USPTO patent application for a device & process, is the trademark name associated with the device & process filed separately or within the patent application?
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Does changing name of invention prevent patent protection?

My family member was recently granted a patent for a unique candy recipe that he developed. He still owns the patent, but is allowing me to commercialize his product for him. If i begin ...
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Violation of trademark/Patent?

In my National and PCT International, patent specification I have included an apparatus called Annular finned-tube heat exchanger, which is new in design. This heat exchanger is ring/annular like in ...
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Find potential patents related / linked to a Trademark

Apologies in advance if this isn't the right place to ask - I'm new to this forum. I'm building a software product that is similar to an existing product online in some ways. I want to make sure I'm ...
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Scope of a worldwide grant?

Wondering what the scope of a worldwide grant / transfer of all IP, either via an employment contract or explicit transfer is? I ask as a number of countries are not members of the WIPO, others have ...
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First Sale Doctrine applying to physical goods

In an example scenario when a person purchases a 30 pack of Kleenex then makes and sells lunch packs each of which includes a box of Kleenex. Is this person protected by the First Sale Doctrine to ...
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Is this of concern with my Trademark? [closed]

I have filed a trademark with the USPTO in the past few months, and I'm unsure of if I would be committing illegal action based on what I put on the description for my trademark details. What I ...
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Frank W. Jandl Engineer [closed]

I'm trying to find out about patents involving my Father, Frank William Jandl. He is long deceased, and I'm his daughter and I'm doing the family genealogy hoping to include information on my Father. ...
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