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For a foreign language PCT application in US national phase, is it necessary to hire an officially certified translator?

I have a PCT application that recently entered national phase, and I am now seeking its registration in the United States. This application was originally filed in Spanish, therefore I'm going to have ...
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Question re meaning of term ‘further’ in phrase, ‘In a further preferred embodiment, …’

Is the phrase ‘In a further preferred embodiment’ synonymous with ‘In a more preferred embodiment’? That is, is ‘further’ being used to mean: (#1) yet another / additional / other or (#2) more ? I'm ...
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Where I can find a translation of a Greek patent application?

I´ve been trying finding the translation into English of the Greek patent GR1004996B, by searching at WIPO patentscope, Espacenet and Google Patents, and didn't find it. There are just the original ...
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EP0282796B1 Is there an English version available?

In reference to the patent: EP0282796B1 Is this patent available in English? I cannot understand the e auto translation version.
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How can I get a translation of patents

I'm making a research about some Patents, but i need them in German language! How i can get the translation of the Patents?
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Machine Translation with User Input for Ambiguous Words

Patent application US20130132065 Acquiring Accurate Machine Translation --- Prior Art Request. The patent application outlines translating from a source language to another language with the added ...
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Machine Translation - Translating IM messages in real time (Nhn Corporation) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON TRANSLATING USER MESSAGES - This application from Nhn Corporation seeks to patent the idea of...automatically translating IM messages from one language to another! 10 minutes of ...
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