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I want my name to be removed from a patent

In contrast to common public questions on this website, this time I myself want my name to be removed from a patent because I had zero contribution to the patent. If the company doesn’t agree to ...
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Non-novel/non-inventive patent of subcomponent of device that was already previously patented?

I have been following a (U.S.) patent for a particular type of technology. The patent application for this technology specifies that it was published in 2017, with a related patent by the same ...
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What's obvious when there really is no good prior art?

The USPTO grants about 300,000 patents per year. Maybe half of these patents would not hold up in court simply because of "missed prior art" (i.e., prior art similar or identical to the invention but ...
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What is the best strategy to avoid patent tyranny?

We are a non-profit and considering releasing software and devices for self medical diagnostics. Doing a quick patent search, we found that the software and devices we would be distributing are ...
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Is there a way to crowdfund patent invalidation?

I'm looking for a way to crowdfund obviously flawed patent invalidation? Or even maybe to submit my own findings to such organisation?
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Coverage and risk of ImageWare patents

I'm planning to create a biometric time attendance software but stumbled upon ImageWare Systems Inc. patents. Namely US7298873. I did some research and found couple reports on company: pumpstopper and ...
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Some patent cases where a patent troll lost the lawsuit

I am searching for few patent cases where a patent troll lost the case. My list includes cases which ended in one of the following ways - Defendant wasn't infringing the patent(s) Patent of patent ...
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Understanding Kamatani Cloud US 6873940 patent class combination and patent applicability to cloud services

I'm specifically interested in US 6873940 patent. The company that currently owns the patent is a company called Kamatani Cloud which is subsidiary of General Patent which some argue (1, 2, 3, 4) is a ...
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40 page troll patent by Magna Electronics citing 1795 sources

I found a strange patent - it is a US 9014966 patent called "Driver assist system for vehicle" by Magna Electronics (the biggest car part supplier in the world). The patent was applied for in 2000 and ...
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