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2 answers

Is it possible defend unity objection with amendments

Let's say claim 1 is not novel and claim 2 is novel and unity objection is posteriori and next independent claim (claim 3) defines a system comprises a device according to any of preceding claims. If ...
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Is it possible to claim unity of invention in a European patent application, with respect to one or more other previous applications?

If I have two PCT applications that are overlapping, is it possible to merge them into one in the EU? I think in US I can use a continuation patent but what about the EU? I was told according to Rule ...
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What practical requirements are there for unity of an invention with multiple independent claims?

(This question is closely related to Can I broaden the scope of a claim w.r.t. prior art through the use of "other than"?, in which I ask about patentability in case I have to compress all ...
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Just got an extended European search report with Unity rejection, how can I do to argue with the Examiner?

Just got an extended European search report with Unity rejection, stating that the the application does not meet the requirement of unity according to Article 82 EPC, the reason being as follows: ...
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Combining two claims for two inventions in one patent

I was informed by the patent agent that I work with that I can combine two related inventions in one patent if they function together and use similar features. He said that by combining the two I ...
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