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Where is it valid?

In reference to the patent: WO2012120036A1 Is this patent valid worldwide and if not in which countries it is valid.
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stealing the provisional patent application

Please, I want to question is it possible exposure to stealing the provisional patent application? If presented to companies through NOLO Company or other, And whether enough contract agreement to ...
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Who owns this patent at this point of time? [duplicate]

In reference to the patent: US194047 Who Owns this Patent now?
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Preloading web pages in a browser (Apple) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON Dynamic preloading of web pages - This Apple application seeks to patent the idea of...Identifying links in a loaded first web page, determining an order of pre-loading second ...
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Patent expiration date with multiple publications

I was wondering what a patents Priority date is? If its set to 1997 and it has been published 6 times (the last publish was 2012) when does it expire? The patent I am talking about is US20120221930.
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