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Methods and systems for gathering information from units of a commodity across a network

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When does US Patent 7,222,078 expire?

Lodsys have been using this patent to sue app developers for damages relating to the use of In-App Purchases. According to this site, the patent expired 6th August 2012 due to a terminal disclaimer ...
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What patents are being used by Lodsys to go after small iOS developers?

What patents are being used by the patent troll Lodsys LLC to go after small iOS developers who take advantage of Apple's in-app purchase functionality?
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What does the term 'commodity' mean in patent 7,222,078?

Patent 7,222,078 (USPTO) (one of the Lodsys patents), uses the term 'commodity' repeatedly throughout the patent, for example: In an exemplary system, information is received at a central location ...
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