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18 mo application publication start from continuation filing date or original filing date?

When a continuation application is filed, does publication of the patent application occur 18 mo. after the original application or the continuation filing date (assuming 18 mo. disclosure is required)...
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How does one validate that a patent has been filed prior to publication by USPTO?

35 U.S.C. 122 Confidential status of applications; publication of patent applications. (b) PUBLICATION.— (1) IN GENERAL.— (A) Subject to paragraph (2), each application for a patent ...
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If an application has a Patent Number dated 2000, is it certain that it was granted a patent?

I can't find a patent number either through searches for the inventor or the device with the Publication Number. I can only find references to the Publication Number. Is this the same as the Patent ...
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Are there any limitations and drawbacks of early publication in USPTO

I filed a patent application last month in USPTO through my attorney (I am not a US citizen) . I am now planning to go for early publication. Is this possible now? Also are there any limitations or ...
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Submitting to App Store = public disclosure?

In the USA, if you submit a novel iPad app to Apple for inclusion on App Store, does that count as a public disclosure? i.e. Does the clock start ticking (for the one-year grace period during which ...
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Patent purchase

I would like to own this patent but have no idea how to go about redeeming this patent. Who will I need to contact in order to purchase the patent. It appears to be inactive. Charlie