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2 answers

Invention that has no useful purpose on its own

I have an idea for an invention that requires 2 pieces. Each one of those 2 pieces has no useful purpose on its own. Is it possible to patent each one of those 2 pieces separately as independent ...
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THE utility patent

I have been thinking of submitting a utility model in USA however i want to know what is the difference between utility model and utility patent and if the USPTO has utility model?
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1 answer

Can you patent an DialogFlow Bot?

Dialogflow is a Google-owned developer of human–computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations. The company is best known for creating the Assistant, a virtual buddy for ...
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Can you patent an idea involving software & hardware?

My idea consists of a particular 'architecture' involving: few Open Source software technologies some code written by myself WordPress API TV screen and a PlayStation controller Is an idea such as ...
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What is the real difference between a patent and a utility model?

Recently, a lawyer told me that if my company makes a product (in my case an electronic board) like another patented product on the market, but my product adds functionality to the original product, ...
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