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Question related to validity of any proceeding done in patent office.

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Prior art for Vacuum Testing of Power Supply

In reference to the patent: US6570389 This patent claims a method of vacuum testing of power supplies, and it was filed in June 2001. I am wondering whether this is a standard procedure in the ...
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Patent validity - Can it be used freely?

Thank you for this forum with lots of great information. I did a patent search registered under the number: Legal status of EP1020844 (A2) 2000-07-19; EP1020844 (A3) 2004-04-28 A priori the patent is ...
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Is the following claim 1 from patent (old lapsed patent A) considered prior art for the following patents & application(patents 1-4)?

possible prior art(old lapsed patent A) Active patent #1 Active patent #2 Application patent #3 I am curious as to how the new patents were able to get approval on their claim 1 when it is very ...
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Validity and Standing

In reference to the patent: US6405939 How long is this Patent standing and valid for?