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What is the best way to valuate a patent?

A patent valuation maybe needed for accounting purposes, taxation compliance, for fundraising purposes, etc. As an asset of a company, which are the most common valuation ways to valuate a patent? DCF ...
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Is there any database listing patent market price valuations?

If I want to know what the price of a patents is (to sell, buy or understand the internal transfer price), where to find the data to support a market price valuation? Based on comparable patents on ...
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Can I find how much a patent holder received in royalties for making it available under licence?

I want to find out how much a specific patent holder has drawn in royalties on the licence for a particular patent. Is this possible? I realise where a company's accounts are public, I can identify ...
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In the valuation of an intangible asset, when does the useful life begin?

Consider the research and development cost of a machine. Let's say in 2013, a prototype was manufactured. Then in 2014, a patent application was filed. On that same year, validation continued. ...
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Valuation of Patents

When it comes to licensing or selling a patent it is important to know its estimated value. My question is how someone can find appropriate method/methods for patent valuation ? I know there is many ...
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Materials for learning about patent litigation and valuation?

I'm an engineer with a fair bit of business and strategy experience. I also read several books about patents, large parts of the Manual of Patent Examination Procedure (MPEP), many patent documents, ...
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