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Have Windows Media Video 7 (WMV1) patents expired?

the Windows Media Video 7 video coding format is also known as WMV1. WMV 7 "publicly exists" since 1999 [1] in most jurisdictions, patents seems to be valid 20 years software patent where they are ...
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does the Legal terminology "digital photograph" refer to the Legal terminology "video"?

I have a patent that describes an action that contain a use of digital photograph. There is a company is coping my patent except for the fact she uses live video instead of photos. I can easily prove ...
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Prior Art Request: Asynchronous Live Streaming from a mobile phone, US9445150

I came across a pair of granted patents that seem rather frivolous, and I'd appreciate some help digging up prior art around them. Priority date on both is April 19, 2013.
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Animated Drawings In Patents

Can you submit an animated drawing to illustrate your invention in a non-provisional application? If so, how? Mike Z
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Prior Art US 20130177891 A1

Audio-visual learning system US 20130177891 A1 Filing date: July 2, 2012 I am searching for Prior Art on the application listed above. Below is prior art that I am aware of. The claims in patent ...
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Run-level video encoding - Copied from Open Source Logs (Tandberg) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON run-level encoding for video - This application from Cisco seeks to patent work that was previously published as open-source software! 10 minutes of your time can help narrow US ...
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Prior art request: OMNI-DIRECTIONAL CAMERA AND RELATED VIEWING SOFTWARE patent 20120206565 This patent covers the hardware design of a multi-camera array of video cameras making up a spherical or 360º panoramic video system. The whole idea is ...
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Instructional video

I have a product I would like to patent which is a process to achieve a repair. A similar process has previously been patented and has since lapsed. My patent is an improvement on the previous patent ...
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Online Video Storage - Cloud-based tools for uploading and editing video files - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

This Patent Application has received a non-final rejection by the US Patent Office! An initial rejection is part of the typical course of a patent application. AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON cloud-based ...
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Compressed motion vector field utilizing predictive motion coding - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Seeking Prior Art on Nokia patent US7149251 Priority Date: Seeking Prior Art from before Aug 11, 1999 Claim 1 Decoding information representative of a video sequence 1 A method of decoding ...
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Video Encoding - Compressed motion vector field utilizing predictive motion coding (Nokia) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Seeking Prior Art on Nokia patent US6735249 This simply describes using two obvious techniques (motion compression and fractal encoding) at the same time. Both had been around for over a decade. ...
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Is this patent strong?- Novelty video device and method - 8011122

Is patent US 8011122 B2, a Novelty Video Device and Method, valid or could this patent be easily circumvented? To my understanding the underlying components and software could be completely ...
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Filtering Based on Activities Inside Video Blocks (Nokia) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Seeking Prior Art on Nokia patent US6504873 Priority Date: Seeking Prior Art from before Jun 13, 1997 Analysis of a Nokia patent (US6504873) which they claim WebM infringes upon. Groklaw did some ...
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Can a YouTube video be submitted as prior art?

I'm trying to determine whether there is evidence that definitively confirms that a YouTube video can be submitted as prior art. If there is an example of one being used as the grounds for rejecting ...
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