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Online Game Patents

So i'm quite new to this and i've been trying to find something about this subject, but most of the questions people are asking are if they can patent their game, and i'd like to know what games i can ...
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Interactive dialog question

In reference to the patent: US8082499 I'm confused, does the patent ONLY apply to the graphical designs shown in Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, and Image 5, or does it apply to all/any type of ...
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Does US7156733B2 include data saved to databases in addition to files?

I was looking to create a game mechanic where save game files from the first title in a series could be loaded by another game in the series so that actions the player took in the first game could ...
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Game Patentability

When is a game patent allowed? What are the determining factors? For instance I have devised a simple board game. It would be best played as a computer game. And technically it would probably be ...
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Video game mechanics patentable?

Can you patent your video game mechanics? Like if Flappy Bird mechanics had been patented by the guys who made the helecopter game (original flappy bird), could the creator of Flappy Bird be sued for ...
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Online Games - Cross-Promotion of Games (Gree) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

AN OVERBROAD PATENT FOR ONLINE GAME PROMOTION - This application from Gree seeks to patent the idea of cross-promotion of games in an online community, in other words promoting one game from within ...
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Making a game with patent art graphics

I'm considering making a game that uses patent illustrations (from Context-Free Patent Art) as graphics. I've read the answers to Are text and images in the patent copyrighted?, which suggests that if ...
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Game with Achievement system

I saw this patent own by microsoft. I want to make a game that give a small reward for player who complete some task in game something like kill 50 ...
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Is my system an infrigement of the Active Time Battle patent from Final Fantasy?

Just have a simple question, the ATB system (Active Time Battle) from Final Fantasy has been patent in the past (i think 1992 on july). I am interested in making a turn based game based on the Charge ...
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Prior art for video games played according to a selected value system such as the claimed "codes of honor"

US patent application 2012/0052930 is titled "System and method for the heros journey mythology code of honor video game engine and heros journey code of honor spy games wherein one must fake the ...
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