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Prior Art US 20130177891 A1

Audio-visual learning system US 20130177891 A1 Filing date: July 2, 2012 I am searching for Prior Art on the application listed above. Below is prior art that I am aware of. The claims in patent ...
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Have Windows Media Video 7 (WMV1) patents expired?

the Windows Media Video 7 video coding format is also known as WMV1. WMV 7 "publicly exists" since 1999 [1] in most jurisdictions, patents seems to be valid 20 years software patent where they are ...
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Prior Art Request: Asynchronous Live Streaming from a mobile phone, US9445150

I came across a pair of granted patents that seem rather frivolous, and I'd appreciate some help digging up prior art around them. Priority date on both is April 19, 2013.
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Animated Drawings In Patents

Can you submit an animated drawing to illustrate your invention in a non-provisional application? If so, how? Mike Z
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does the Legal terminology "digital photograph" refer to the Legal terminology "video"?

I have a patent that describes an action that contain a use of digital photograph. There is a company is coping my patent except for the fact she uses live video instead of photos. I can easily prove ...
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