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Website Workflow and Service Patents

I am in the process of creating a website, that provides a service that is more generic than another "similar" website. The website only provides a service for a particular service, where my website ...
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How can I import all the patents and patent applications on which I am listed as a co-inventor into my ORCID profile at once?

I am listed as a co-inventor on a few patents. The Lens has an option to import a given patent from Lens into my ORCID profile: However one has to do it manually for each patent and patent ...
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Sites tagged to a patent

Is there a way to tag a patent to a specific site or check the sites that are tagged to a particular patent? Thanks!
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Why Facebook didn't just copy Instagram which wasn't patented?

Facebook bought Instagram when it wasn't patented. Facebook could have just created a copy of Instagram and launched It with their already existing millions of users. 1- Why did Facebook pay 1 Billion ...
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