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Prior Art Request: Patent is based on 3GPP/ETSI standard

From reading the claims in this patent it seems like Allot implemented a TDF (Traffic Detection Function) according to the the 3GPP/ETSI specifications. Following specifications, describing the Sd ...
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To what extent can one use scientific articles in other fields as previous art - example from fiber optics to wireless

In the magazine Science they (Nenad Bozinovic) are talking about "Terabit-Scale Orbital Angular Momentum Mode Division Multiplexing in Fibers" Which is another way to multiplex light in fiber optics, ...
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Enhancing Wireless Mesh Networking (GE) - Patent Application – PRIOR ART REQUEST

HELP SAVE MESH NETWORKING —This application from General Electric seeks to patent a system for extending the range of communication for low rate wireless mesh networks. Help narrow US patent ...
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Prior art on Wireless Deadbolt Actuator (Keyless entry)

I love this product, but it says Patents Pending at the bottom and this exact product has been on my personal "to-invent" list since at least 2008. I can't believe me and these guys are the only three ...
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