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Employer could not pass a patent examination or requested a withdrawal

I was working for a company in 2019 and I presented an idea that I had been working on since I was a student, and I developed it before my graduation. The company filed a patent application and I was ...
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1 answer

What is the difference between withdrawing an application (MPEP § 1308) and expressly abandoning an application to avoid publication (§ 1125)?

More specifically, what effects does withdrawing an application have? And what effects does expressly abandoning an application have?
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1 answer

Withdrawal of Notice of Allowance

After receiving an NOA and paying the fee, I was anticipating an issue notification within days. Two days after paying the fee, I instead received a Notice of Withdrawal of Allowance. recorks ...
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What is the prior art date of a cancelled yet published PCT?

If I cancel my now published PCT, I understand it will be prior art since it is revealed to the public domain. However, what will be the date that this cancelled published PCT will be considered as ...
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How do I withdraw PCT application and refile later?

I have PCT and non-provisional US patent applications filed on the same invention. I will have to withdraw and later refile the PCT application due to inability to pay the filing fees at this time. ...