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Ambiguously worded patent claim

I read a US utility patent for some technology where the first claim was a method claim consisting of multiple parts a), b), c), etc. One of those parts specified the range of radiation in which the ...
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Patent Drafting Method: Pros & cons of drafting claims and converting claims to descriptions

What are the advantages and liabilities, if any, of drafting patent claims for an invention first, and then converting the claims into a provisional patent specification with the same wording and ...
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Process vs Method

When describing a series of actions or steps to be performed: What is the thought process that 'tips the scale' in one direction or the other, when trying decide if it is a process or a method?
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Wording for: may include but not necessarily all elements in a list

I am concerned that using the phrase comprising: An entertainment system for children to marvel upon, glass spheres are contained in a glass jar, the system comprising: red marbles; ...
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