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What's wrong with using "claim language" in the description?

I'm often told to keep "claim language" like "plurality" and "comprising" out of the description. Is this just a style preference or is there any compelling reason to ...
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USPTO part re-submission

I decided to file a utility patent application myself without an attorney after watching hours of boring youtube videos about the patent and patent process (I don't know how you guys stay awake). I ...
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Do consistently disparaged embodiments lack claim support?

Disparaging the prior art/alternative embodiments, especially in combination with a limited characterization of the disclosed embodiments (e.g. only describe embodiments without the disparaged ...
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Sufficiency of disclosure (enablement, written desc) for genus claims?

It is generally stated in that one must both show ownership of and give the public the invention in order to get the monopoly rights of a claim (e.g. 112 in US, Art. 83 EPO). However, for purposes of ...
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What is the formal structure to write a patent request?

I need to write a patent request, is there any formal structure to follow? My patent aimed on a programming script for a new security method.
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patent specification level of detail

I'm drafting the specification of a patent for my invention. The invention is in the field of computer vision and augmented reality. I'm quite sure that the main subject mater is novel enough and ...
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