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Prior art for linked list (secondary and tertiary traversal)?

This is the first I've heard of this patent for linked lists and traversals filed in 2002. Note that the claim is not a patent on a linked list itself (discussion on Hacker News), but apparently on a doubly linked list, or a secondary traversal pointer.

A computerized list that may be traversed in at least two sequences comprising: a plurality of items that are contained in said computerized list; and a primary pointer and an auxiliary pointer for each of said items of said computerized list such that each of said items has an associated primary pointer and an associated auxiliary pointer, said primary pointer functioning as a primary linked list to direct a computer program to a first following item and defining a first sequence to traverse said computerized list, said auxiliary pointer functioning as an auxiliary linked list to direct said computer program to a second following item and defining a second sequence to traverse said computerized list.

Can we collate some verifiable prior art for this patent?