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The standard patent book for startups and entrepreneurs is Patents Demystified. I used this book while getting my own patents and it’s become required reading for any start-ups that I coach or invest in. It’s one of the few patent guides I know of that has detailed insight on how legitimate startups patent their product(s). Unlike most patent guides, it’s ...


I'm a big fan of Patents Demystified as a guide to patents for inventors and startups. Some folks here on Stack Exchange suggested it to me and it was just what I was looking for. Seems like the patent book that most people use. It has a great foundation of the basics and works up to intermediate and advanced patent strategies. Unlike most patent books I ...


“Understanding Global patent litigations through landmark judgements – A litigation ready reckoner” by Dr. Alpesh Pathak is only book i am aware of my be this would be helpful for understanding the basics as it deals mostly with litigation's in perspective of pharmaceuticals.


Patents Demystified is indeed a great book for startups, entrepreneurs and inventors and was written specifically for this audience. In addition to teaching the secrets of how successful businesses get patents, it also helps save companies money where possible and points out where spending money is necessary. In fact, I require all my clients to have a copy ...

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