There are two services that are specifically designed to help in this situation: Research Disclosures (www.researchdisclosure.com) and IP.com (http://ip.com/publish/). Both of these charge a publication fee, but they are definitely searched by patent examiners doing novelty searches.


This question might be better asked at avvo.com, where you could get in contact with a local intellectual property attorney. The answer you're likely to get there, is that anyone can file a patent based on anything. Indeed, the third party may even be able to obtain a patent based on your idea, though there are procedures you can undertake in hopes of ...


Sounds wonderful in principle but I guess what you realy want to do is see your idea being utilised and creating a free for all may not be the best way to achieve your objective. Some inventions require extensive development and tooling etc. for manufacture yet have a limited market which you will fragment with your approach, possibly making it unviable ...

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