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This is why the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) exists. A patent application filed as PCT may be filed in other member states. There is a good overview of PCT filing here, and more authoritative information can be found at WIPO, especially in this overview figure. I strongly recommend finding a patent agent who can step you through this process.


You should use the date of the A1 or A2 publication for the earliest publication date of the subject-matter (of the application). (If you want to know about the granted patent please clarify.) A1 is a publication of the application with search report (SR). A2 is the publication without SR. There will be always only one or the other. An A3 is published later ...


If you look it up in Public PAIR and click on the Image File Wrapper tab, you will see - 03-27-2018 N/AP Notice of Appeal Filed Rather than responding with a RCE/response/amendment to the final rejection, the application has filed for the first steps of an appeal. Along the way it has had other "final" rejections and also went abandoned briefly in ...


You link to an application. The issued patent associated with that application is EP0999355B1. This patent should expire 20 years from the priority date of Nov 6, 1998. Thus I believe the patent will expire on Nov 6, 2018. According to Espacenet, the designated countries are: DE ES FR GB IT NL.


Patent application is abandoned due to "Failure to Respond to an Office Action". It is expired during the examination process. You can use the USPTO's public PAIR database( for legal status. If the patent is active then the patent term is 20 years from its own filing 35 U.S. Code § 154 (a)(2)


You can use one of several search tools. One that I like is Espacenet run by the European Patent Office. I provided the application number (not the publication number) and this is the URL to get to the results. Selecting INPADOC ...

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