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Does USPTO accept a sequential diagram?

I agree Eric Shain. In fact, this kind of diagrams are quite popular en communication protocol related patents, where interactions between sender and receiver have a sequential order. For example, ...
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Does USPTO accept a sequential diagram?

Diagrams, illustrations, photos and graphs are all allowed in a patent application. They are referred to as drawings under 35 U.S.C 113: The applicant shall furnish a drawing where necessary for ...
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Does USPTO accept a sequential diagram?

I would expect that a drawing that conforms to USPTO drawing requirements (black and white comes to mind, exceptions for color is accepted only under documented conditions). A search of
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Is a photograph appropriate for a PPA?

Photos are allowed in provisional applications. You will need to make sure it is legible at the other end. The process of submitting it will not preserve the color and resolution. Imagine that on the ...
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Can an inventive step for an electronic based product be shown in a mere block diagram?

The whole of the patent application describes the invention including the background, prior art, description of the technology and preferred implementations. I have definitely seen patents including ...
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