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US 6967208 patent expiry details

One way to check this is on the face of the patent. Just above the application number. It says 139 days.
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Why does the expiry of a patent and/or SPC varies in european countries?

Different countries count the life of a patent differently, and sometimes a patent expires in one country one or few days earlier than in other countries. This depends on the national patent law of ...
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What will be the expiry of Continuation patent

The answer is: Continuing applications die 20 years after their parents application date: So it is 7th November 2026. See here for more details: Parent patent expired due to non-payment - are issued ...
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collection of medical data online

Yes it is broader but was never granted a patent, applicant failed to reply examiner objections. status on date 10-23-2009-- Abandoned -- Failure to Respond to an Office Action presently no ...
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