In 2003 the PTO started and provided patent file histories on the PAIR electronic Image File Wrapper site. However the Non-Patent Lit (NPL) documents are not available due to copyright issues. Also the older patent file wrappers/histories are not yet available on the PAIR system. NPL and older patent file histories can be obtained from vendors such as ...


As a self-appointed Unix guru ;-) 😉 and in accordance with StackExchange's roots, I ended up using command-line tools like "pdftk" and "perl" to solve this problem. On an Apple Mac: install "pdftk" command-line tool (directly or via MacPorts) install perl copy this script into a text file and run it with a path to the Image ...


I looked the example application up successfully both ways, just now. If it happens to you again I would call the USPTO Electronic Business Center. They are open until midnight EST.

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