There's an old blog post on dropbox.com describing their mobile apps: The bullet points hit all the three claims, I think: "Browse files in your Dropbox folder" = "Connecting client device and storage system" "Search through your Dropbox.." = "Selecting a set of files which is related to a particular file based on [some] selection criteria" "Open images ...


See information on MS Windows briefcase below: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/142574 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307885 This functionality was available in Windows 95, 98 and XP. Note that it mentions: "a set of files" laptop is the "client device" for the briefcase "storage system" is floppy drive in briefcase


From the request, it sounds like this is a patent for predictive caching: "trying to solve the problem of having much more stored in the cloud than you want to dedicate space to on the client" This is not an exact match, but hopefully close enough that their claim seems a little more obvious. In computers, there is a storage trade-off: the hard drive (...


Google Chrome has the ability to download webpages (files) related to the current one pre-emptively. I think this covers "selecting a set of files which is related to a particular file." From 2011: http://blog.chromium.org/2011/06/prerendering-in-chrome.html


Have you ever heard of SVN? GitHub? that does exactly that.... All the contents of the revision are seen as part of the total, it's all included in the version management. SVN sees everything in the working copy folder/revision folder on server as a total all in one system. When files are modified or added or downloaded, it's done by selection criteriea like ...


It seems to me that predictive prefetching of files would be covered by these claims, assuming that the prediction was based on scoring. "Using multiple predictors to improve the accuracy of file access predictions." by Whittle, G.A.S.; Paris, J.-F. ; Amer, A. ; Long, D.D.E. ; Burns, R. (http://scholar.google.com/scholar?cluster=4100184606292517071&hl=...


Most Usenet news agents have some implementation of selective synchronization with a news server. In general, the differences are that the protocol is NNTP (not whatever Citrix supports) and the scoring is done at the client (with reference at least to article header values, which must be downloaded). For a description of the extremely flexible scoring ...


I think the IMAP protocol covers most of these points. paraphrasing the docs: IMAP is much more than an email protocol it is also a file storage and syncing/retrieval protocol.

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