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The standard answer is to engage an attorney to do a freedom to operate search and give you a written opinion. This presupposes that you know what you are building and how it works in some detail. The search would look for patents that are in force that have claims that look like they might cover what you are building. Since you are in the early stages of ...


I would recommend The Lens. It allows download of either 1000 or 10,000 patents via their "Collections" feature. A found a blog post that goes through it step-by-step. They have two alternate formats to .csv.


While a freedom to operate opinion from an attorney is best, you can do some of the work yourself. You made a good start identifying the specific Google patents. You need to read the claims to see what is protected by each of them. In order to infringe upon a patent, you need to implement each and every step in at least one claim. Long and complicated claims ...

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