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What jeopardizes a pending patent?

Does that invalidate the patent? No. Because the filing date of your patent application (and the priority date of any Convention applications in other countries) is earlier than the date you ...
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Can inequitable conduct lead to patent invalidation before litigation?

No The way some of or all claims can be invalidated outside of a patent infringement case in a real (Article 3) court is via an IPR before the USPTO. The grounds in an IPR are limited to the issues ...
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Validity / Invalidity of patent : How to approach from the beginning to end

The first step would be to sue the patent holder. Once the patent has been granted, it's a matter for the courts. I don't have any examples of defensive suits launched prior to release of an ...
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Using a device under particular circumstances might be unethical. I think it would be huge stretch to consider inventing and patenting a specific mechanism for an electric bike to be unethical. In ...
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