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It isn’t moot - it would be positively improper to add them. In the U.S. an inventor is someone who makes a conceptual contribution to something in a claim. Someone might be an inventor in a divisional but not the parent application, for example, if the they contributed conceptually to something claimed in the divisional, not the parent.


It is not clear what you mean by an "unnecessary inventor". Inventorship is important in the U.S. Anyone who makes a conceptual contribution that ends up in a claim is a proper inventor. It is not always easy to decide who is an inventor. One of the reasons inventorship is important is that, absent assignments, each inventor has an undivided, separate ...


Not in Europe. Inventors have the right to be mentioned in the applications and patents, but it does not get any further than that. In fact it is possible to correct a deficient designation of inventors (some provisions apply), and I would say that said correction is possible even after the patent has been granted but I am not entirely sure. Something else ...

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