It takes about 6 weeks from payment of issue fee until the patent issues. IF you wait to the last minute to pat the issue fee, the patent will probably issue in fewer weeks. In the U.S. there are no maintenance fees due until after the patent is granted. All of the maintenance fees are then keyed off the grant date. The priority date is irrelevant. They ...


You can find this out on the US Public Pair site. According to Pair, your next fee first day to pay date is 11/16/2021. The surcharge date is 05/17/2022 and your last day to pay date is 11/16/2022.


It would be best if you were to list the actual patent number so we could check your interpretation. That said, if it is a Japanese patent and there is no US equivalent then it should not impact your ability to market a product in the US assuming you aren't manufacturing in Japan. It doesn't matter whether the Japanese patent has expired or not as patents ...

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