In US Patent law have provisions for false marketing:- 35 U.S. Code § 292 - False marking (a) Whoever, without the consent of the patentee, marks upon, or affixes to, or uses in advertising in connection with anything made, used, offered for sale, or sold by such person within the United States, or imported by the person into the United States, the ...


Patent pending means that either a provisional patent has been filed or a non-provisional has been filed and has not been finally rejected, abandoned, or issued. Provisional patents are only valid for one year and do not get published. Assuming there is no national security restrictions, all non-provisional US patent applications are published after 18 ...


It all depends on the claim wording in their issued patent. You must do everything that at least one claim says in order to infringe. The claims specify what they own.


You can patent a new and improved version of your original patent if the novel claims are not obvious from your prior patent and the other prior art.

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