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Outcome of referencing earlier patents in your patent application

The document you linked is only an application. the associated US patent is US9513771B2. This patent is not assigned to Microsoft instead it is owned by WIXCOM Ltd. Whether or not you owe royalties ...
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PRIOR ART REQUEST: Issued patent US 8255828 B2 (Microsoft): Ribbon UI

"Allaire's HomeSite software. This was for webdesigning, was later sold asMacromedia Homesite)" importantly, in the tabbed toolbar, see "Quick Tab","Fonts"."Tables" tabs. It is prior art of ribbon UI ...
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Is there something new in the Microsoft application given the Acer patent?

The Microsoft link is an application, not a patent. We won’t know what claims Microsoft will get until and if a patent gets issued. Also, in my opinion, Microsoft's hinge is quite different than what ...
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Microsoft Modular Computing Device - Prior Art Request

Going way back in time, there's also things like http://www.storiesofapple.net/the-jonathan-computer.html
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