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Military application patents?

Weapons are very useful and many are patented. One example is Safer and simpler cluster bomb US4744301A In some parts of the world there is an issue of “ordre public” that can interfere with legal ...
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Military application patents?

It depends on the practice of the patent office examining the patent application, or on the examiner examining the case. One patent office might accept it, some other not. In Europe, as long as the ...
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Navy Wheel Chocks - Additional Patents?

You could do a patent search on wheel chocks. A good place to start would be the patents that cite this patent. As you can see, this patent cites 5 earlier patents as is cited by 7 later patents and ...
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Would the Irish military have the right to claim ownership of an employee's invention?

Possibly. In the absence of an explicit agreement, it turns on whether you made the invention in the course of your duties as an employee. In this manner, Ireland appears to be in line with other ...
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